What should I look for when buying melatonin supplements?

* Melatonin should be Pharmacy grade. Pharmacy grade melatonin has a USP label printed on the bottle. The USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. It provides testing and sets standards for food ingredients, medicines and food supplements. Products that meet the requirements of USP can display the USP VDSM on the product label. When you are buying USP grade melatonin, you are assured that you are getting high quality melatonin.

* Melatonin should be synthetic not from animal source. Animal based melatonin can be contaminated with viruses.

* Melatonin should not be mixed with other active ingredients like vitamins, to lessen the chances of getting complications.

* Melatonin purity should be 99% or higher.

* Melatonin supplements should be bought from reputable brands. It is always a good idea to look for a reputable brand of Melatonin Supplement because melatonin is sold as a food supplement and not as a medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate Melatonin Supplement manufacturers, so the quality and quantity of melatonin varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What’s the Best Type of Melatontin?

If you wish to buy melatonin – melatonin generally comes in four varieties: Time release pills, liquid that delivers via a medicine dropper, regular pills you swallow, and ‘Sublingual’ pills that you put under your tongue. The time release pills mix melatonin with a slow-dissolving substance that ensures the drug is slowly delivered to your body over the course of a few hours.

At this time none of the manufacturers I’m aware of will tell us how quickly the melatonin is released. The benefit from time release pills is they might help you stay asleep once you fall asleep. Sublingual tablets are meant to dissolve quickly under your tongue. The melatonin is absorbed by the blood vessels in your mouth and starts working very quickly. Between regular pills, liquid melatonin, and sublingual tablets, sublingual definitely starts working the fastest. Regular pills and liquid melatonin will start working in about 30 minutes, however, so I’m not sure that’s a big advantage. The big plus for liquid melatonin is that you can measure out the perfect dose to make sure you’re not taking too much, or too little. You can also drop it into bedtime tea to make a true Sleepytime tea, which is a nice way to get ready for bed.

Do NOT use Melatonin Supplements for Sleep Disorders

Melatonin supplementation is NOT recommended for serious sleep disorders, including insomnia, night terrors, restless leg syndrome or sleep apnoea unless prescribed by a physician. These conditions can be worsened by melatonin supplementation and long-term dependence on melatonin can cause secondary sleep disorders [3][4].

CAUTION: Insomnia involves way more chemicals than just melatonin. For sleep to occur, hormones like adenosine, GABA, serotonin, and glutamate need to be perfectly balanced, blood sugar needs to be regulated, and the nervous system needs be firing at the right frequency. Melatonin supplementation can give short-term relief, but it isn’t a cure [4].

Using a low dose (0.5mg – 1mg) occasionally is considered safe for some people with insomnia, but more than once a month can lead to increased dependence on synthetic melatonin uk, resulting in worsening insomnia symptoms. Speak to your physician before beginning melatonin supplementation.

For long-term insomnia support, consider melatonin alternatives, improved sleep hygiene, and seeing a sleep specialist.

* Consider using sustained release melatonin versus regular release melatonin.