Melatonin is a hormone that the pineal gland produces. However, a mis-balance of melatonin level in your body has led scientists to research about its supplements that they can prescribe.

Thus, melatonin tablets have been developed with the help of researches like rhythmic synchronisation and pinealectomy. Doctors now prescribe patients that they buy melatonin tablets as they come with enormous benefits apart from their primary function of regulating sleep in people.

Melatonin pills are made from plant extracts and are entirely herbal. So, they are safe to consume and do not have any side effects, unlike other chemically active supplements.

Hence, you can use melatonin for various immunity related disorders of your body. Here is how it can prove beneficial in different conditions related to weak immunity.

melatonin sleep supplements
melatonin sleep supplements

Use of Melatonin tablets as a supplement:

To reduce inflammation of the bowel

IBD is a condition in which your guts swell and cause extreme discomfort. However, melatonin helps regulate this disease and proves useful in reducing the inflammation.

Studies say a regular consumption of these tablets for 30 days brought significant results in patients suffering from IBD. Furthermore, these two types of inflammations, the dystrophy and infiltrates showed no growth in more than 88% of patients treated with melatonin supplements.

Supplements act as antioxidants

Melatonin’s property to fight freely moving radicals in your body makes it an exceptional antioxidant. Also, its ability to breach the membrane separating the brain and blood helps in stopping anything from infecting the brain.

The hormone also helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body. So, a high supply of melatonin in the body helps it overcome the immunity dip it would have undergone during chemotherapy.

Apart from that, the supplements also stimulate TRH production that helps in healthy metabolism. So, even people above 50 years of age can regain their metabolic health with the aid of the melatonin tablets.

Pushes NK cells to perform actively

The primary function of these types of cells is that they kill any infected cell in the body. Thus they are known as natural killers. A form of WBC, their performance or production can reduce due to various pathological factors.

But, if you are prescribed melatonin uk tablets, they can significantly improve the performance of these NK cells. The reason for the improved performance is that the Th1 type of cytokines is directly related to melatonin. An increased flow of melatonin in the blood can boost the Th1 type cytokines. It, in turn, enhances the performance of these cells. It also leads to the production of new cells.

So, you can live a healthy life with the inclusion of prescribed melatonin supplements in your everyday life. You do not need to worry about their long term effects as the prescriptions are based on long term researches. Their conclusions establish that melatonin is related and regulates the immune system of your body. Hence, you can use these supplements for regular consumption for a productive lifestyle.