Sleep Supplements – Relieving Stress & Sleeping Well

I presume that you have tried a variety of natural remedies for insomnia specifically meant to improve your sleeping habits. Additionally, you may have used prescription drugs. Sadly none of them probably seemed to work. Even if some did provide you good sleep, they came with loads of adverse effects [...]

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Natural Sleep Aids

Natural sleep aids‚Ää - Dr Backhaus boosting your health and lifestyle A healthy lifestyle is everything that we all wish to have! But, amidst this stress and strain, it is very difficult to maintain a routine that will boost your health. The first thing people lose under this work [...]

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Sleep Phases

The 4 sleep phases You want to understand what happens during sleep in your body? First, sleep can roughly be divided into two groups. The REM phase (rapid-eye-movement) and the non-REM phases, which in turn are divided into falling asleep, light sleep and deep sleep. Strictly speaking, no hour [...]

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Melatonin: To Fall Asleep or Stay Awake – That is the Question!

One complains about spring fatigue, the other about jet lag. Hardly anyone seems to get enough sleep anymore. As a gentle remedy melatonin is praised. Long-haul flights, smartphones, stress on the job - the modern lifestyle is causing problems for Europeans. As early as 2005, one in four complained [...]