Have you ever thought, what jet-lag, chronic insomnia and even mental illness have in common?

The answer is low secretion of melatonin.

Now the inevitable question…what is melatonin and how is it related to psychiatric disorders?

Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the pineal gland which regulates the human body’s sleep-wake cycle. Maintaining human’s internal clock, this Dracula hormone signals the human body when it’s time to sleep or wake up.

However, addressing several factors, it has been seen that low secretion of melatonin is the major cause of bad mental health. Clinicians strongly believe that there’s a link between sleeping disorders and psychiatric disease.

And they were successful in proving the same by the discovery of melatonin supplement in the form of tablets.

melatonin and sleep disorders
melatonin and sleep disorders

What was the impact?

For treating a wide variety of diseases, doctors experimented on supplementation of melatonin. Without many failures, patients gradually experienced better health than before therapeutic treatment of the same.

Henceforth, physicians recommend psychiatric patients to take melatonin for promoting a better lifestyle and stay alert and hearty.

What are the chief neuropsychiatric disorders that entail a melatonin supplement?


Autism is a mental condition present from early childhood characterised by difficulties in social skills, verbal and non-verbal communication with chronic sleeping disorders. However, when treated with melatonin supplement, autistic children suffering from insomnia fall asleep accordingly.

This is a great way to calm the autistic children even during their violent behaviours. Therefore, child psychiatrists also recommend to buy melatonin online for a positive result.

Alzheimer’s disease

Not only kids, but old people also get immense help from melatonin supplementation in the form of tablets. One of the pivotal issues of Alzheimer’s disease is acute insomnia accompanied by loss of memory and irritabilities.

However, proper dosage of melatonin caters to improve these symptoms giving the patients a better lifestyle.


Schizophrenia and delusional disorder are irreversible mental disorders. These disorders are a combination of genetic, environmental and situational distresses. Patients need to go through a combination of both medication and psychotherapy to do away with all side effects.

Thanks to the addition of melatonin supplement in the therapy through which patients see a huge momentum in improvement.


Patients who suffer from depression and anxiety usually go low on melatonin secretion. Might sound mild on the name, but these mental disorders do entail special care.

Oral administration of melatonin tabs greatly suppress depressant activities that happen in the brain. However, many types of research are still going on for better efficacies of the supplements.

So, to conclude, if you buy melatonin tabs for you , make sure to consult the doctor prior hand. However, you need not required to take extra stress about side effects, as these are herbal ingredients without any adverse results.